The Mixture Difference

Our philosophy is simple: to provide the best possible products to our customers while improving the environmental status of our planet.

At MIXTURE, we take our environmental footprint very seriously. From the very start of product development, our choice of ingredients, containers and packaging are heavily scrutinized. We use the best naturally derived renewable ingredients, we rely on items from the realm of safe synthetics. Our packaging is made from as much recycled glass, cardboard and plastics as we can find. We challenge you to do the same. Please reuse as much of our packaging as possible.

All products are handmade in small batches at our production facility in Merriam, Kansas. By producing everything by hand no machines were harmed. Our fragrances, essential oils and products are never tested on animals, just humans. Our coloring is all FDA approved. Our wicks are always lead-free. By doing so we can offer high quality products that are environmentally sensitive and very pleasing.

Our products are fragranced to create a mood, stir a memory or simply for you to relax!